There is increasing public concern in what constitutes a healthy breakfast, and with good reason. Some studies read like horror stories when revealing what may be in some breakfast cereals.

A Which Report suggests that some breakfast cereals contain more sugar per recommended portion than a chocolate Flake, and more salt than a packet of Salted Crisps

It’s extremely worrying and also raises important health-related questions. For example is this cereal really such a healthy choice?

The challenge is that whilst we are aware of many of these issues, we are faced with too much consumer choice and too little time.

Early mornings are generally a busy time for everyone, and we know that we should be starting the day with a healthy breakfast, but what is a healthy breakfast?

Do we choose Organic, do we substitute regular milk for Soy milk? Should we source more natural sugar alternatives, or should we skip breakfast altogether?

Or is avoiding some breakfast cereals the best option, and if so, which cereals should we avoid, and what are the healthier alternatives?

Herbalife are delighted to offer a healthy breakfast option – something that will help tick the boxes nutritionally, pass the taste challenge and that can be prepared quickly and effortlessly.

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