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Herbalife Shake

Since 1980 the success and reputation of the Herbalife Shake continues to grow worldwide.


Herbalife Formula 1 shake

Now available in 9 different flavours, the best selling Herbalife Shake is scientifically proven as an effective way to manage and control your weight.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or ensure world-leading supplementation as part of a fitness regime, this powerful formulation offers probably the most advanced Healthy Meal and is extremely quick and easy to prepare.

As part of a balanced diet there’s simply no faster way of ensuring that you are giving your body the most advanced and effective nutrition on a daily basis.

Not to be confused with other ‘meal replacement shakes’ often seen on supermarket shelves, this unique Healthy Shake is packed with essentials nutrients including Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals.

Is this the ultimate fast-food? We certainly think so. With today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s so easy to skip meals or‘grab and go’ unhealthy snacks or fast food products.

Extremely versatile and incredibly easy to use, the Herbalife Shake can be mixed with a wide of beverages including water, milk, soy milk and your favourite fruit juice. Also you can make you own ‘fruit smoothie’ by blending together 2 spoons of your favourite Herbalife Shake flavour with your liquid of choice and some fruit. Banana is a popular and great choice. Also try adding some ice.

By simply taking your Herbalife Shake on a daily basis you can be sure of getting essential nutrients, plus experiencing a feeling of fullness and extra energy.

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