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Healthy Breakfast Herbalife simple carbohydrate-based Breakfast

Consider the Healthy Breakfast Herbalife. High calories, low nutrients, low protein.
If you reach for simple carbohydrate-based breakfasts, you may notice that you have a short burst of energy, followed by a drop, making you feel tired.

This is often due to the lack of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, all of which are vital for balanced energy for the day ahead.

No Breakfast – (not advisable).

No calories, No nutrients, No protein Do you skip breakfast and then snack to get the energy you need? Skipping breakfast means your body has to draw on reserves of nutrients and water that will have depleted overnight. This can make you feel tired, irritable and prone to snacking on sugary foods for an energy boost.

Nutritionally complete Healthy Breakfast

Balanced calories, balanced nutrients, balanced protein. A breakfast with the right nutritional mix sets you up for the day ahead, giving you a steady stream of energy, rather than the short bursts common from high energy foods.

Try Herbalife’s calorie-controlled breakfast with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and other important nutrients. It’s quick and easy to make and at less than 220 kcal, it’s a healthier alternative to grabbing a croissant in the morning when time is tight.

Choose from our 3 Healthy Breakfast Herbalife Programs below

Herbalife Starter Plan – Alternative Breakfast

herbalife weight loss starter

The Herbalife Starter Plan is a great way to get started with Herbalife if you’re a new customer wanting to experience fantastic results. You get 2 products with the Starter Plan; the Formula 1 Shake and the Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage.

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Herbalife Advanced Plan – Alternative Breakfast

herbalife advanced weight loss

You receive the Formula 1 Shake and Thermojectics Beverage Tea that are included in the Starter Plan, plus the Personalised Protein Powder (PPP for short). The PPP is a rich source of Soy and Whey protein and helps build lean body mass, and healthy bones.

I add one heaped teaspoon of the PPP to my Formula 1 Shakes twice a day and find that it really helps give me a feeling of fullness

The Herbalife Advanced Plan is a step up from the Starter Plan and will help you see and feel faster results.

You get 3 products with the Advanced Plan; the Formula 1 Shake, Personalised Protein Powder and the Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage 50gr.

Full info here


Herbalife Ultimate Plan – Alternative Breakfast

herbalife ultimate weight loss

The Herbalife Ultimate Plan is is my personal favourite and my recommended plan if you’re looking to supercharge your results!

You get 6 products with the Ultimate Plan. As well as the 3 products in the Advanced Plan (Formula 1 Shake, Personalised Protein Powder and Thermojetics Beverage 50gr)  you also get an extra Formula 1 Shake, plus the Fibre and Herbs, and Vitamin and Mineral Complex Tablets.

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There is increasing public concern in what constitutes a healthy breakfast, and with good reason. Some studies read like horror stories when revealing what may be in some breakfast cereals.

A Which Report suggests that some breakfast cereals contain more sugar per recommended portion than a chocolate Flake, and more salt than a packet of Salted Crisps

It’s extremely worrying and also raises important health-related questions. For example is this cereal really such a healthy choice?

The challenge is that whilst we are aware of many of these issues, we are faced with too much consumer choice and too little time.

Early mornings are generally a busy time for everyone, and we know that we should be starting the day with a healthy breakfast, but what is a healthy breakfast?

Do we choose Organic, do we substitute regular milk for Soy milk? Should we source more natural sugar alternatives, or should we skip breakfast altogether?

Or is avoiding some breakfast cereals the best option, and if so, which cereals should we avoid, and what are the healthier alternatives?

Herbalife are delighted to offer a healthy breakfast option – something that will help tick the boxes nutritionally, pass the taste challenge and that can be prepared quickly and effortlessly.

Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal.



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[1] Cereal laden with sugar- TheGuardian/ Which Report

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